Remember to check with your Airline the allowances for your hand and hold luggage, this varies depending on the airline. You can also find out the extra cost of adding any luggage or weight allowance if this is something you fell you may require. Please note, that normally airfares for flights operated by low-cost airlines DO NOT include hold luggage and some airlines have introduced cheaper rates which also DO NOT hold luggage! So please be aware of this, if you require any hold luggage or added weight allowance to your existing luggage allowance it is advisable to add these requirements with your airline provider before departure to avoid any extra costs at the airport.



Tip: avoid long check-in queues and save time at the airport by checking-in online with your airline provider before you reach the airport you are flying from. Check with your airline provider when online check-in is available from, as this can vary usually from around 24-48 hours before your flights scheduled departure time.

Added benefits of online check-in can include: printing your boarding pass  before you travel or alternatively have it sent directly to your phone,some airlines even allow you the option of choosing your seat, when checking-in online.


Please Note: If you don’t have hold luggage, you can go directly to the boarding gate!



Airlines have general transportation conditions & rules such as luggage allowance, online check-in & managing your reservation,please check these guidelines of your chosen airline before booking & departure.



Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the applicable airline carrier’s privacy policy & if your booking is made via a reservation system provider (Government Digital Service) with its privacy policy. These are available on The IATA website or from the airline carrier or Government Digital Services directly. You should read this documentation, which applies to your booking & specifies, for example, how your personal data is collected, stored, used, disclosed & transferred.

Please Note: If you have booked to fly with a low-cost airline carrier, please check the airline’s website for their privacy policy.

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