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On Board Seating


It is advisable to think about where you may want to sit on your flight, to help suit your disability or medical needs. Choosing your seat prior to check-in can help your flight experience more comfortable for you & gives you that extra peace of mind!


  • If you require a little extra legroom or would like to be close to the toilets, most airlines will reserve your preferred seat at no extra charge.
  • Seats vary from being more spacious to having movable arm rests, however exit row seating is not an option due to safety restrictions.
  • Disability appropriate seating is usually found at the entry points of the aircraft, at the beginning of a cabin class, or an aisle seat with adjustable arm rests.
  • If you are unable to manoeuvre yourself into your seat, trained flight attends may be able to assist you with the use of a slide board.
  • You should also keep in mind not all planes have disabled toilets (an important consideration if you’re travelling on a long-haul flight)


To discuss what seating options might best suit your needs, please contact the airline you are travelling with for help & advice