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Juber and Tahira are a Muslim couple from Bradford, UK who love to travel the world and blog about it. They have been married since 2014 and have visited over 15 countries together!


What inspired you to set up your travel blog, ‘Muslims Go Travel’ and when did you decide to start blogging together as husband and wife?

“We’ve wanted to have a space online to record our travel experiences as we felt most of our experiences and memories were simply withering away. So, we decided that the best way to do this is by setting up a travel blog to document and store our travel experiences, and also make it a place our family could read about our travels. Our second most important project alongside this was to share with others, stories of Muslims from around the world, which would include visits to Mosques, trips to Islamic landmarks and trying various cuisines around the world. All this was setup in November 2018.”


Sultan Ahmet Mosque/Blue Mosque Grand Bazaar of Istanbul



Where would you say is your favourite couples – destination that you would recommend for other married couples and is it Muslim – friendly?

“Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is our favourite destination and we highly recommend it to other married couples. There’s so much to see and do and it’s definitely one of the most Muslim friendly places we have been to. The food is mouth-watering (and Halal!), the weather is awesome, the people, which include a mix of Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and Christians are ever so friendly.”


 Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpar Malaysian Cuisine Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque , Kuala Lumpur



Where would you love to go or are planning on travelling to next, In Shaa Allah?

“One country we have had on our mind for a while now is, Egypt. We were hoping to visit at the end of 2020, but not sure we can, given the current situation. The country is filled with so much history, is affordable and has a great cuisine which makes it a perfect place for us as Muslim travellers.”



What are your favourite things to do together when you travel?

“Our favourite things to do together when we travel are locating Islamic history, trying the local cuisine and walking. We love to walk! Walking allows us to zoom into the moment more so than driving or taking a bus. We don’t mind either as it is a great form of exercise and helps build an appetite!”


    Karakoy Ghost Village Fethiye Parque de Malaga Spain 



Juber, you mentioned in your blog that you loved to travel whenever you could during your time at university, did you have to travel on a budget back then? Did you do anything differently back then, compared to now that you are graduated and working full time?

“I would say that I had to limit my options in terms of where I wanted to travel to. With deadlines and exams, I had to also ensure that I did not go away for too long. I had to also be super careful about how much I spent as I was still a student and had a smaller budget for travel. One thing I did differently back then which I’m not pressed to do now, is travelling in the off-peak season to save money. I would manage to get flight tickets to Portugal and Spain in October for around £40! Now, I have the freedom to travel when I prefer.”



How do you find travelling as Muslims in regards to eating (halal food) and praying? Do you only travel to Islamic countries/destinations?

“Travelling as Muslims in regards to eating and praying can be difficult at times but, we try to do as much research as possible from before to locate facilities and food places if possible. It’s never been a deterrent though and we’re up for visiting both Muslim and non-Muslim destinations. In 2019 we visited Ohrid in Macedonia and found that their vegetarian cuisine was sometimes a lot more delicious than their halal food options. Plus, we always had the choice of seafood which was great!”


Macedonia Ali Pasha Mosque Ohrid Macedonia Macedonia



What is/are your most recommended travel tip(s) for other Muslim couples wanting to travel?

“Research the place you’re planning to visit in advance and don’t let a lack of halal facilities put you off travelling to certain destinations. You can always choose vegetarian or seafood options when it comes to food and if there are no prayer facilities just carry a travel prayer mat with you so you can perform Salah wherever you are. We found that people around the world, regardless of what country you visit, are super helpful when it comes to accommodating for your religious needs.”


  Hala Sultan Tekke Cyprus Taj Mahal India View of Masjid al-Aqsa from The Hashimi Hotel


“Travel is a huge part of our life. It’s one of our major endeavours. We enjoy it and hope to travel as much as we can for as long as we can InshāAllāh. We’re working on future projects such as writing a book on Muslim travellers and hope to continue sharing travel tips and information with others from around the world.”


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