A new trend of travelling is becoming increasingly popular, as more Muslims are starting to travel outside of their usual ‘comfort zones’ and are wanting to explore the world!

As a Muslim traveller you might usually seek out a Muslim country or Muslim – majority country to visit?

However, the younger generation of Muslims in particular, are wanting to travel to and explore new destinations that are not predominantly Muslim or at all…


Here at Halal Travel Escapes, we’ve done all the hard work of searching & hand selecting properties from around the world that have Muslim – friendly features and highlighting them to you, to help inspire the Muslim traveller and make it easy for you in finding your perfect halal travel escape!





Halal food policy:

  • All food served at the property is halal
  • Available when requested in advance
  • Some Menu options are halal
  • In nearby restaurants/cafes/supermarkets, within 500m of property


Alcohol policy:

  • Alcohol – free property
  • No Alcohol policy in some/at least one restaurant
  • Alcohol can be removed from room minibar
  • No minibar in guest rooms


Prayer facilities:

  • Onsite Mosque/prayer room(s)
  • Wudhu facilities
  • Prayer mat/Quran/Qibla direction in guest rooms


Female – friendly features:

  • Ladies privacy: spa, pool(s) & beach swimming/sunbathing areas/times
  • Exclusive privacy: private/resort villas & upgraded hotel rooms with a private Pool/garden area/courtyard
  • Guest rooms with fully secluded hot tub/jacuzzi
  • Female – friendly activities & leisure experiences
  • Massage/spa treatments available for private use/female staff
  • Ladies – only hotel/spa resort


Family – friendly features:

  • Family – friendly Properties
  • Family rooms/suites
  • Kids clubs/activities/games room
  • Babysitting/child services
  • Outdoor/Indoor pool(s)
  • Children’s pool(s)
  • Kids/Family evening entertainment
  • Kids playground
  • Onsite water-sport activities/facilities
  • Onsite Waterpark


For couples:

  • Adult only properties
  • Couples dining/candlelit dinner
  • Couples massage/spa treatment rooms
  • Romance packages




”Halal Travel made easy for you, we’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to!”